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The clubhouse is a wonderful spot for meetings, family gatherings, craft days, etc. and it's a useful building to have for the whole community. There is a decent size kitchen with stove, refrigerator, microwave, sink, and plenty of counter space, as well as tables and chairs.

Indoor and Outdoor Pools/Sauna

The pools are typically open from Memorial Day through Labor Day (longer if weather allows) and are great places to do lap swimming in our indoor pool, play with kids or grand kids, visit with neighbors or just have a quiet afternoon reading a book and sunbathing!  The outdoor pool deck is large enough to accommodate plenty of people so it's a wonderful place to gather with family and friends.  All residents have access and friends and family are welcome as long as a resident accompanies them.

Community Garden

If you have a green thumb, the community garden is a wonderful place to visit with other folks who appreciate getting their hands dirty! We have raised beds (with room to grow, literally) where you can cultivate a few things, breath in nature and perhaps make a new friend or two!

Battle Creek Wetland Park

Our community also has full access to the Battle Creek Wetland Park, a 50-acre undeveloped park site occupying the former Battle Creek Golf Course.  Due to its designation as an urban park, there are a wide range of recreational uses that it offers.  Many local residents walk their dogs, make it their daily walking site or, on nice days, sit quietly in the openness and watch the deer, bunnies, geese and the occasional turkey family!

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